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Coleman Watersports

Whenever we are going to go to the beach for the day, Coleman always came along with us.

Therefore, we take our Coleman sleeping bags as well, so that we can lay down on the ground and watch the people on the lake as they water ski with their Coleman water ski.

When we are ready to take a swim, we put on our Coleman lifejackets; otherwise we would not go into the water, because we feel much safer, because the jacket keep us afloat.

Coleman has been in our family for as long as I can remember, and when I finally had a family of my own, the tradition of1 Coleman products have continued even to this day, as I stand over a Coleman portable gas stove which we use on picnic and camping trips.

There is no way I would go to the beach or camping without using Coleman products, because our leisure time is much happier and safer.

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